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LogiBARRE - Linear nesting for saw parts, tubes, profiles
LogiBARRE is a nesting program to optimise linear parts to be
cut from any type of bars, profiles, tubes.
You enter the name and length of the parts.
You can also read in a job of parts from another program using our very flexible EXCEL© or *.CSV interface.
LogiBARRE can nest the parts on several different bar lengths, also taking your stock into account.
You can then view the solution and decide on the best lengths for the job, depending on the amount of waste and remnants.

You can even set a priority on a particular format that should be used before the other. This way the remnants can be used before starting new sheets.
LogiBARRE displays the list of formats with the size of remnants and the percentage of waste. You can also view or print a material list for purchasing and a cutting plan with all dimensions and information required for the shop floor.


Using LogiBARRE you will:

  • quote more accurately
  • calculate exactly the sheets to purchase
  • save time when preparing cutting plans
  • save money when cutting expensive materials
  • avoid waste