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Advantages of LogiTOLE and LogiBARRE nesting


Less waste
You can always receive an optimum solution resulting in a minimum of waste.

Material purchasing lists
You obtain accurate material purchasing lists quickly in the quotation phase of job preparation. That means purchasing the right stock of material for the job - no guesswork.

Ease of use
No training required / just sit down and work straight away. Everyone in your office will be able to use it and do accurate job preparation.

Excel© Interface
Save entering data twice using the Excel© interface to read data directlz from other programs. This allows you to read in large jobs with one mouse click and no mistakes.

Prints cutting plans for the shop floor
Prints easy to understand cutting plans with all data and dimensions for the shop floor

Calculates differnt solutions
Calculates different solutions for different formats, allowing you to select the optimum format with the least waste.

Uses left over waste from the last job
Left over remnants larger that a definable size from the last job can be automatically used up at the start of the next job before using new sheets or bars.

Cutting width can be accounted for
The cutting width in technologz like plasma, gas cutting or even milling can be taken into account.

Ideal for all types of materials
Metal, wood, plastics, glass, aluminium profiles, all material in sheets or pre/cut lengths ....