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Frequently asked questions

- Is LogiTRACE difficult to use?
No, you select one of the standard figures and enter the data using an easy to understand data entry screen. The outer dimensions of the figure can be entered and the sheet thickness will be taken into account when the figure is unfolded. The shape of the part is calculated and displayed immediately. You can create complex figures in seconds saving valuable time.

- Is it possible to see the done development at once in the program?
Yes, the figure is displayed immediately in one of the various types of 3D display. You can even view and check intersections on the inside of the figures. The 3D display allows you to check that the figure is what you really require before you start to cut the sheets. This reduces costs by reducing both material wastage and the time taken to re-adjust parts.

- Is it possible to set the position of welds wherever I want?
Yes, you can adjust the number of parts so that the parts fit onto the available sheet format. You can also position the welds to the ideal spot so that you avoid adjacent welds.

- Is the figure unfolded immediately?
Yes, the figure is unfolded flat in 2D immediately. A dimensioned drawing is created immediately and is stored in the standard DXF-Format. Sheet size, weight and area are all calculated immediately and can be used to calculate the price of the figures. All pricing data is available at this early stage to help you make sure the part is financially viable

.- Do I have to buy all modules?
No, you can purchase just the figures that you need. The large number of standard figures solves most of the standard cases. Using the expert figures you can create your own complex figures. LogiTRACE then unfolds and calculates the intersections of the parts. You can use LogiTRACE without the need for further investment in a CAD package as a stand alone system. LogiTRACE offers you superb value for money and can save you hours of calculation and marking.

- Do I need an additional CAD program?
No, LogiTRACE is an independent program and works without additional CAD programs. It is possible to use LogiTRACE independently of any CAD software, but you also can contain your CAD software in LogiTRACE and start it directly from LogiTRACE with only a double click.

- Is it possible to print out different production documentation?
Yes, LogiTRACE produces all production documentation that you require. You can print the dimensioned drawing of the unfolded part, even including the folding angles of the part. Lists of XY co-ordinates, folding angles, weight and surface etc. can also be printed.

- Marking out the part, does LogiTRACE help me?
Yes, the drawing can be printed on several A4/A3 pages in scale 1:1. The corners of the part can be marked using the reduced scale dimensioned drawing on one page. The more complicated curves can then be marked using the printout scaled 1:1. A large part as shown here can be marked out using only 3 A4-pages. This saves time by allowing you to work just as quickly as with an A0 / A1 page.

- Are the DXF files of LogiTRACE compatible to my machine?
Yes , the DXF files are compatible with the various CAD programs and the CAM programs used by most large manufacturers of CNC cutting and punching machines. The parts can be manufactured without further construction work in CAD.

- Is it possible to do folds, seams and extension settings with LogiTRACE?
Yes, all fold parameters can be set according to the various DIN/ISO standards and set to the requirements of your machines. The type of corner notch can be set. Extensions on the input and output of the part can be set.

- Is it possible to mark the folds in LogiTRACE?
Yes, there are various ways of marking the folds. For all machines equipped with a marker such as powder or ink-jet marking, or for all laser cutting machines short marking lines or circles can be generated automatically. Small notches on the cutting contour can also be generated to mark the fold without any extra effort.

- Are segment bends processed as they should?
Yes, for important figures, all necessary technical features are available. For example, segment bends can be unfolded as a group of parts with optimal sheet utilisation. The cuts can be interrupted to keep the parts together.

- Is it possible to order processing information in LogiTRACE?
Yes, when the figures are unfolded you can enter all the necessary order information such as material, thickness, customer, order number, number of parts, delivery date etc. These values are then stored as text in the DXF files. This reduces the chance of errors and makes sure data is entered all at once when the drawings/order are being processed.

- Is it possible to connect any paralell or displaced contours?
Yes, Combi-Contour is used to combine any two contours together. The two contours can be selected from standard shapes or read in from a DXF file. This means that they can be in any standard form whatsoever. The two contours are then positioned and can even be inclined and rotated in space. LogiTRACE calculates a 3D model of the figure and also unfolds the figure. The circles shown in the drawing below mark the position of the weld. The expert module Combi-Contour opens up a huge range of possibilities. You will probably never be stuck for a figure again.

- Can I to use LogiTRACE and 3D-CAD programs like Inventor, Solid ... in together?
Yes, here are the reasons:
LogiTRACE is easy to use and the user needs almost no training whatsoever.
LogiTRACE can output a 3D DXF file which can be read into any 3D CAD program.
LogiTRACE is specifically developed for production needs and solves a large range of production linked problems like seams, common-cut, marking folds with notches. Seams and this type of problem are very difficult to solve using 3D CAD.
LogiTRACE can be used completely independent of the CAD system. Changing your CAD even just updating will not cause any problems with LogiTRACE.
LogiTRACE costs less than a single days training for most 3D-CAD programs.
LogiTRACE comes with an extensive library of standard commonly used parts that solve 90% of your daily requirement. These standard modules are extremely quick to use.
LogiTRACE eases the load on overworked CAD-departments. By allowing the production to make their own unfoldings according to the production requirements and working methods. This keeps valuable 3D-design capacity free for design work and avoids too much production support.

Do you have further questions about LogiTRACE, don't hesitate and contact us!