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Reasons to Update from Version 11 to Version 12 of LogiTRACE Unfolding software

Better parts with less manual grinding work due to optimal treatment of sheet thickness:

With the new treatment of sheet thickness you reduce the amount of manual grinding work necessary. The height of the part is now calculated according to sheet thickness and is now very exact.

Open parts in AutoCAD© with only one mouse click:

AutoCAD© users can double click the drawing screen in LogiTRACE and we open in drawing automatically in AutoCAD

Automatic rolling curves and micro joints to aid rolling of parts:

We generate automatic rolling curves and micro joints on the parts and holes in the sheet to aid rolling. We even take into account the kerf. Parts can then be rolled more easily and the micro joints separated at a later date.
Use our sample parts to get ideas:
We supply a set of sample parts to give you ideas. You can modify these to fit your production parts.

Extend the library by making your own modules and storing them in the snapshot library

Improved seam/fold settings:
For the better understanding of the seams and fold settings there are now improved pictures of the seams and the meaning of the values.


New modules

Starter kit
Module 081: Pipe cut by surface
This important module was moved from the classic kit 1 in version 11 to starter kit in version 12.

Module 154: Cone with angle dimension
With this module you only need the large diameter and the angle.

Classic kit 1
Module 142: Cone / Plains
New module to cut a straight cone with up to 2 plains.

Classic kit 2
Module 134: Vessel with radial pipes
This very important module creates vessels any number of radial several pipes. We take into account the sheet thickness and whether the pipe is inserted into the vessel or sits on the outside. Here we also generate automatic rolling curves.

NEW: Classic kit 3
Classic kit 3 is very interesting for the construction of vessels
and pipelines.23 new modules for example:

Module 127: Vessel with freely definable pipes
Like vessel with radial pipes, but with additional angle

Modules for Y joints
Many different modules for Y-joints,
3- to 5-part Y-joints in all different versions.

New expert modules

Module 147: Profile cut by 2 plains
A very powerful module. Here an example of a container corner. You draw a profile in any CAD and import it as a DXF file into LogiTRACE. The program creates a 3D body which you can cut or mitre as required by to plains set at any angle.

Module 146: Pipeline
A very interesting module for the creation of pipelines.
You define a complete pipeline with XYZ coordinates of the pipeline and LogiTRACE calculates the development even adding optional segments/elbow joints.