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General advantages of LogiTRACE unfolding software
  • Very simple and comfortable way of using the software
    Easy to use because you see your entered data, 3D view and the unfolded part at once and at the same time.
  • You see dimensions of parts at one
    The unfolded part is dimensioned immediately and automatically. If the parts are too big for your sheet size, it is possible to change the number of welds.
  • Sheet thickness is considered
    The module pipe on pipe shows even the sheet thickness in 3D and you can also choose the type of contact. Here you can even enter a welding grap if necessary.
  • Many standard modules
    You have about 128 standard modules to work with.
  • Create own modules with Combi-Contour and Combi-Figure
    There is never a module missing. With Combi-Contour it is possible to create you own modules. With help of the mouse each part can be easily positioned. Also the 3D views help you to do that.
  • Order processing information
    It is possible to enter order processing information like material type and thickness, number of parts, customer number directly in the DXF file.
  • Unfold as block, e.g. segment bends
    Very useful blocks. It is possible to create segments with common cut and even with cutting joints
  • Marking the folds
    Many settings can be enterd, e.g short marking lines, notches, ...
  • Saveable and reloadable results
    In each module you can create files which can be saved and read in again and changed at any time.
  • Safety with the 3D view
    Avoid mistakes with the perfect 3D view.
  • Automatic save of the 3D files and 2D DXF developments
    You only save your entered data one time and LogiTRACE creates automatically the 3D files and unfolded parts in DXF format.
  • Seams and folds can be saved for different parts.
  • Improved 1:1 printout
    It is possible to choose the pages which you really want to print. Marking out the part is very easy.
  • PROfirst 3D functions
    3D files created with PROfirst can be read in and it is possible to calculate the unfolded part.
  • Compatible to Autocad, MegaCad, ME10,...
    With the DXF format compatible to nearly all CAD/CAM systems.