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Drawing functions
All functions required to draw typical cutting shapes such as: line, parallel line, parallel line from point, perpendicular line, rectangle from two corners, rectangle with centre, length and width, ellipse, circle, arc, tangent circle,

Special cutting geometries
Often not available in all other systems such as: oblong, circular oblong, ellipse as series of arcs

Intuitive fast to use autofind function to find the endpoint, centre, midpoint, perpendicular, tangent. This ensures the drawings are precise with closed contours as required for CNC processing.

Built in calculator
Save time by entering your calculation directly when you want to enter the value.

Selection functions
A variety of selection tools to select single elements, all elements, elements in window, elements cut by window, connected elements,

Powerful copy functions
Rotation, mirroring, move, copy and circular copy, all with easy spacing.

Intuitive, one click trim functions to trim to intersections.

Contour hatching
To hatch a selected complex contour or surface containing even complicated island or inner contours.

AutoCAD© compatible
PROfirst can read and write AutoCAD© DWG files keeping the structure of the drawing intact.

Layer control with layer preview
Complete layer control with previewing of layer content, allowing filtering of information on complex drawings.

Check open contour
Shows the open parts of a contour and double lines for easy correction before CNC processing.

Offset function
To account for manufacturing constraints on a part such as cutting or tool diameter compensation on parts, PROfirst can offset a complex part making it smaller or larger by a definable amount.

DXF direct storage
PROfirst stores data directly in DXF format hence saving time because no conversion is required for further CAM processing.

File previewing
Allows quick and easy recognition of drawings

3D preview
The sheet metal part can be previewed with one mouse click.

Creates 3D file for LogiTRACE
The part can then be unfolded or used to calculate an intersection with other parts in our unfolding program LogiTRACE.