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Frequently asked questions

- Do you have special cutting geometries in PROfirst?
Yes, Often not available in all other systems such as: oblong, circular oblong, ellipse as series of arcs...

- Auto dimensioning of any DXF file, is this possible?
Yes, any DXF can be automatically dimensioned. We use special filtering to obtain a usable amount of dimensions.

- Super auto dimensioning
Super auto dimensioning is an even better level of auto dimensioning for drawings that have been drawn directly in PROfirst. Here we dimension, what you really need to check!

- Associative dimensioning
Basically this means the dimensioning changes when you scale or change the part.

- I need to cut texts, does PROfirst help me?
Yes, with the reduction of data for logos and texts PROfirst reduces the data to a minimum of lines and arcs.

- Is there a text converter to cut fonts?
Yes, PROfirst converts any windows true type text to a minimum of lines and arcs. This results in a contour with just enough data that can be easily cut.

- Is it possible to check open contours?
Yes, PROfirst shows the open parts of a contour and double lines for easy correction before CNC processing.

- Do you have the ordinary drawing functions in PROfirst?
Yes, all functions required to draw typical cutting shapes such as: line, parallel line, parallel line from point, perpendicular line, rectangle from two corners, rectangle with centre, length and width, ellipse, circle, arc, tangent circle...

- I need end points, centre points, etc. very quickly?
Intuitive fast to use autofind function to find the endpoint, centre, midpoint, perpendicular, tangent. This ensures the drawings are precise with closed contours as required for CNC processing.

- Is it possible to calculate in PROfirst?
Yes , save time by entering your calculation directly when you want to enter the value, e.g. 235+135/2.

- Is it possible to copy?
Yes, with powerful copy functions like rotation, mirroring, move, copy and circular copy, all with easy spacing.

- I need to trim the contours, is that possible?
Yes, it is intuitive, one click trim functions to trim to intersections.

- Is PROfirst compatible to AutoCAD © ?
Yes, PROfirst can read and write AutoCAD© DWG files keeping the structure of the drawing intact.

- I need layer control with layer preview, is this possible?
Yes, complete layer control with previewing of layer content, allowing filtering of information on complex drawings.

- Is it possible to create a DXF file?
Yes, PROfirst stores data directly in DXF format hence saving time because no conversion is required for further CAM processing.

- I want to see the drawing in 3D preview, is this possible?
Yes, the sheet metal part can be previewed in 3D with one mouse click.

- I need 1:1 printing, but I have only a A4 printer?
No problem, a contour can be printed across several pages or on endless paper as an cheap alternative to a plotter for photoscope cutting or piping work.

- I don't want to choose each line for its own, is this possible?
Yes, there are powerful selection tools to select and trim a surface, ideal for part separation.

- I often need to round off the parts, is this possible?
Yes, PROfirst rounds all selected corners of a complete contour for easier, problem free cutting.

Do you have further questions about PROfirst, don't hesitate and contact us!