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Drawing program for cutting or CNC drawings

You already have a CAD Program, but can it do all this?
  • Calculate the price of the part.
  • Find open contours.
  • Clean up drawings with double lines etc.
  • Be used by almost anybody.
  • Convert text to lines.
  • Reduce data on vectorised drawings


PROfirst is an efficient drawing package specially conceived for drawing 2D-metal parts that are to be cut or punched on CNC plasma, gas, water, or laser cutting machines.

PROfirst is compatible to AutoCAD © and can read and write standard AutoCAD© format drawing. In contrast to normal CAD programs, you are working efficiently after only 3 hours. The key to the success of PROfirst lies in it's simplicity. All the drawing functions that are required for drawing metal parts are available, even some that are missing in larger packages such as oblong.

The number of functions have been kept to a minimum to ensure that the user is always in control. PROfirst contains all the special functions required for preparing drawings for CNC cutting. These include functions to convert any true-type text to, as few lines and arcs as possible.

Also a function to convert scanned and vectored line drawings of logos etc. into as few lines and arcs as possible. PROfirst aids quality control with auto-dimensioning of any drawing. All these feature contribute to making PROfirst very fast to use, which ensures you get the job done as quickly as possible, with maximum savings on time and money.

Is it really ideal for cutting ?