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PROfirst Module
Special cutting geometries such as: oblong, circular oblong, and ellipse as series of arcs. Intuitive fast to use auto find function to find the endpoint, centre, midpoint, perpendicular, tangent. Built in calculator,
Rotation, mirroring, move, copy and circular copy, all with easy spacing. Intuitive, one click trim functions to trim to intersections.
Contour hatching. PROfirst can read and write AutoCAD© DWG or DXF files keeping the structure of the drawing intact.
Layer control with layer preview. Shows the open parts of a contour and double lines for easy correction before CNC processing.
PROfirst stores data directly in DXF format hence saving time because no conversion is required for further CAM processing.
DXF and 3D preview. Creates 3D file for LogiTRACE
Printing: Auto scaling, Auto text size, Auto drawing frame,
Auto page orientation, Page preview.