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Advantages of PROfirst drawing program

Create your quotation calculation within a few seconds in EURO
The price of the element is calculated automatically and with a minimum of work.
With the PROfirst database and the geometry it is possible to create a quotation very quickly.

AutoCAD ? compatible
It is possible to read in very easy AutoCAD© DWG files, work with them and save them. Also files which contain splines, polylines, blocks, etc.

Starting the software is 10 times faster

Process bigger files
Now it is possible to process very big files in PROfirst. This is an advantage for importing files from other CAD systems.

Database for materials, price of materials, etc.
Create easily your own database for materials, price of materials and machines with the PROfirst database function.

Dynamic Zoom for a mouse with scroll wheel
A mouse with scroll wheel has an automatic interactive zoom for easier navigation in PROfirst.


Find files quicker with option open file with preview
You see very fast with a graphical preview which file you want to open.

Improved automatic selection of open or double contours
With only one mouse click you can choose all open or double contours.
You find at once double elements and know if the contour is right.


Cutting of fonts (Optional)
All True-Type fonts which are installed in Windows can be generated in cutting contours.

Reduction of data for logos or texts
With the possibility of converting lines to arcs the data will be reduced with an entered tolerance.

Standard library of macros (Optional)
A complete collection of often used, parametrical elements. It is possible to edit the elements with only one mouse click.

Macros (Optional)
Modules to create any parametrical elements from a drawing. It is possible to set parameters to the drawing, save as block and then change it in a very easy and quick way.
Automatic dimension for any desired DXF file
With one mouse click any DXF file will be dimensioned automatically. This is also possible for DFX files from any other CAD systems, so that you can check elements in a fast way.

Layer management to process big files
You can work with 256 layers and colours.
Choose the layer you want to keep with one mouse click and delete all other layers – a very fast solution.

Further advantages
You can create 3D files which you can transact in LogiTRACE.
Fast automatic scale and preview of printouts.
It is possible to print out bigger drawings 1:1 on several sheets.
Automatic round off of all corners for better cutting results.
Extra power selection functions to select whole parts.